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Majors 70  Baseball · Co-Ed Novice

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Spring 2019
Jun 15 ’19
Registration Dates:
Dec 1 ’18 – Jan 15 ’19 early bird
Jan 16 ’19 – Feb 28 ’19 regular
Mar 1 ’19 – Mar 16 ’19 late
Minimum age:
10 years old
Maximum age:
12 years old
Age as of:
May 1 ’19
Player Fees
Early Bird $120.00 + $40.00 Volunteer Fee
Regular $140.00 + $40.00 Volunteer Fee
Late $160.00 + $40.00 Volunteer Fee

The final level in our players Lower South Baseball journey is our Major 70 Division. It's the capstone of our program, where the players take all they've learned over their Lower South years and apply it to some truly great baseball. The coaches continue to nurture and challenge the players at this level, reinforcing all they've learned and adding new wrinkles as well. The kids play on 70 foot base paths, which is the final step before leaving our program after their 12 year old season and moving on to MLB size 90 foot fields. The competition is fierce at this level, as is the camaraderie amongst the players and coaches. For many players and coaches, the Major 70 division is the culmination of up to 7 years playing together, and there's no better way to finish their time with Lower South baseball than a championship in the Major 70 Division!!! Major 70 players are 11-12 years old.

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